Katy Perry – Wide Awake Music Video

I just watched Katy Perry’s new music video for “Wide Awake” and I can honestly say it’s definitely one of my favorites from her!

The video begins at the end of her “California Gurls” video shoot and then takes her through the looking glass to another world, very ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind. She’s trapped, and then sees her innocent self as a young girl and together they escape the paparazzi and then she punches the prince who’s waiting for her.

This video is pretty much very symbolic of her life, the nostalgia, her public life being out in the open, and not trusting every man. I also love the meaning of the song, it’s great.

I think this video was very beautiful, and can I just say that she looked flawless? I mean, I could not find anything wrong with her, she’s a goddess & she’s done it again! You go Katy 😀

What did you think of the video? Too magical or just right?