JJ’s TREASURE HUNT ……. Assignment # 16

So here I am with some of my treasures !!!! It’s quite hard to pick out things here since I live pretty much surrounded by odd and interesting things. I guess you could call Bizarreland a Museum of old things ……. As most of you know I was born in the 40’s and spent the 60’s as a Teen and maybe you do remember or don’t remember passing notes around in class. Well I saved a big stack of some of my notes and I would say they are close to 50 years old !!! It’s quite funny to look back at them and see how silly I was and my friends were also. Most of my friends were guys but most of the notes I still have were from my girlfriends. But they are not easy to read so I’m posting a few that maybe can be read. I know they won’t make any sense to you but to think how old they are is a bit funny ……

Georgie was my little boyfriend, we called Spanish Class “Spanish Fly Class” probably why I got thrown out of that class !! OH and I hate to admit it but we bullied a kid in the class he had a very big head so his nickname was HEAD 😀

So another kid I passed notes to in another class was Gary he signed every note with “So There !!” He would harrass me just as much as I harrassed him it was a love hate friendship. The one on the right was my girlfriend Rose she was a year older than me and she had an older boyfriend from another town. They were always running off and getting married but I’m not sure they ever did 😀

OH Eddie he was just a friend, I should have passed his notes all around they were always funny and he would have been quite embarrassed. I think we must of had 50 kids together 😀

OH it’s Georgie again he really had it bad for me !!! He wrote me letters instead of notes. Not bad for a 15 year old with braces on his teeth .. LOL

Now I’m out of school and the Poem above was from one of my friends I just thought it was cute ….. OH and I wasn’t getting drunk either 😀

This is the back of an envelope from a musican / artist boyfriend he would send me amazing letters when he was on tour back in the 60’s and no I won’t tell who it was 😀

So now I want to show you some of my family treasures I have so many and love every single one …..

The gold loop earring were the first earrings my mother gave me when I pierced my ears at 16 years old. The other heart earrings she gave me also. The charm bracelet was hers the little ladder opens and stands up, there’s a traffic light, a female swimmer, the heart with Mother of Pearl, boxing gloves, a little switchblade knife that opens up, a silver baby cup and the horseshoe that spins and says I Love You !!! : )

My mother wore beautiful hats I have only three but this one is the oldest it was hand made I think in the 40’s : )

It was very hard to photograph this one but I think it was from the late 50’s early 60’s ….. There is even a strand of my mothers hair still in the veil : )

I would say this one is from the 50’s !!! Kind of a spider design 😀

But this will always be my favorite thing of my mothers it’s the Perfume Bottle my father brought back from Egypt for her after WWll it’s just the most beautiful thing and it still holds a bit of perfume from 70 years ago !!! : )

So I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my life though these photos. Maybe someday I will post more things from my collections : )