✩ Jessi Jae Joplin’s Personal Favorite: Jewelry Inspired by Eyes & Outer Space ✩

I was recently gifted an amazing set of jewelry made by the fabulous Jenna Bumgardner (a Los Angeles based jewelry designer, taxidermist and artist) inspired by EYES AND OUTER SPACE!! I couldn’t resist sharing it’s awesomeness with you for this week’s personal favorite…I mean seriously, how amazing does that sound? She makes most of her jewelry from glass taxidermy eyes and even has a few designs based on nebulas. Her jewelry has been spotted on Real Life Style Inspirations Molly Soda and Madeline Pendleton, and was even featured on an Etsy Blog titled “A Love Letter From Rookie Mag.” Check out her incredible jewelry in the photo gallery below (Jenna is featured in the photos and I must say, I LOVE HER HAIR)! It’s truly out of this world!