Jamie Lynn Spears Dedicates A Song To Her Sis Britney Called “I Look Up To You”

Jamie Lynn performed at the 3rd & Lindsley Bar in Nashville, Tennessee Thursday night, and sang a sweet song she wrote for Britney called, “I Look Up To You.”

In attendance for the show was Jamie Lynn’s mom Lynne and dad Jamie, friend Kayla, and boyfriend James Watson.

Awesome to see JL do her own thing and not ride the wave from Brit. And awesome lyrics.

She didn’t specifically say it was for Britney before debuting “I Look Up To You,” but between her brief intro (“You can imagine who I wrote it about”) and the telling lyrics (“It all happened way too soon/They took away your innocence”), it’s clearly written with her big sister in mind. And it’s gorgeous!

And lest we forget, B wrote her own song for Jamie Lynn back in 2006 called “Just Yesterday (Little Me).”

Check it out:

What do you think about this song?