I’ve Never Wanted An Oreo As Bad As I Want One Now

If y’all haven’t heard, the people over at Oreo stronghold recently posted the following ad on their Facebook in support of Gay Pride Month, which is June, JSYK:

Not only does that look like something I can’t wait to hunt down and shove into the orifice of my choosing, it’s all beautiful and rainbow-y. That being said, the cookie is a lie and made from creme colors that do not exist.

Dun crey Mister the Doctor.

From the looks of it, this here snack doesn’t really seem like much. Granted, all those stacks of rainbow filling might add up in the calorie area but meh, it’s just a cookie, right?


Since the internet is well, the internet, let’s go ahead and take a look at the comments that were posted to this:

This isn’t even all of them. You get the idea, though.

For all those that can no longer support companies that support gay rights and rainbow cookies, have a gander at this here list:

Allstate Amazon American Airlines Apple Applebee’s Best Buy Clorox Coca-Cola Costco Delta Airlines Ford Gap General Motors Gerber Baby Products Hilton Hotels Home Depot IMB Levi’s Marriot International McDonald’s Microsoft Nationwide Nike Olive Garden Pepsico Proctor and Gamble Red Lobster Rite Aid Sears Southwest Airlines Starbucks State Farm Target United Airlines UPS Walgreens Walt Disney Company

I am not an angry dude by any means. I am not really sure why. Maybe it’s lack of passion. I could just be lazy. I could just be an actual adult that chooses not to put my nose in other people’s business because you know, they’re adults and can make their own choices.

Choices are things like what you buy and where you spend your money. Whatever. It’s yours. I don’t care. Don’t use your religion, which is about love and acceptance and pull from it the things you want to fuel your hate for cookies that are delicious.

So, as I fly across the country on United Airlines to get to Disney World, please allow me to chug some damn Starbucks, read a book I purchased on Amazon as I am being carted around in my Ford whatever and get dropped off at the Hilton, all you people that decided to be whack and hate on a damn cookie,

I’m out.