IJustine: Rising Youtube Star

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of addicted to Youtube! I’m on it all the time! I am a huge fan of a lot of Youtube stars. But one of my favorite Youtube stars is a girl named Justine Ezarik (or better known as IJustine). Curently IJustine’s main channel (called IJustine) is number 55 subscribed with over a million subscribers and with over 250 million video views in all! She not only has one channel, but she also has four more! These four channels include IJustinegaming, IJustineiphone, IJustinereviews, and OtherIJustine.

Justine has a very quircky and nerdy personality which makes her videos even better. She loves playing video games and is very into Apple products. Justine is one of the few female Youtube stars and her videos are always clean and never include foul language, which is hard to find on popular Youtube channels today.Justine isn’t only popular on Youtube but she has also made a few tv show appearances on shows such as Criminal Minds, Law and Order:Special Victims Unit, The Vampire Diaries, and many other shows.

Justine graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2004. After graduating, Justine landed multiple jobs in graphic design and video editing. Justine started making videos in her spare time at work. Justine posted her first video under the name of IJustine in May 2006 called “The Oatmeal Project”. This video shows Justine making oatmeal at work.

Justine was named one of the five finalists in the “Yahoo! Talent Show” in December 2006 which was a competition for best online videos. Justine came in second to Rex Hermonigo who won a $50,000 prize. In August 2007, Justine posted a video called “IPhone Bill” onto her main Youtube channel which shows how mad Justine was about a 300 page IPhone bill she had received from AT&T. This video quickly went viral with over two million views in 10 days. This video also started to get a large amount of public attention. In September 2007, AT&T announced that bills would be default to a summary format, with detail provided upon request for a fee.

IJustines Youtube sucsess grew larger and larger. What made her Youtube sucess grow even larger is in 2009 when she started to make music video spoofs on some of the most popular songs of that year. In July 2009 Justine uploaded a video onto her main Youtube channel called “I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas Spoof”. This spoof talks about how she is getting ready to take a profile picture for facebook.This video quickly went viral and it currently has over 15 million views, which is her most viewed video on Youtube. Most of Justine’s spoofs involve social networking sites or Apple Products which make the spoofs very geeky and funny.

In October 2009 Justine started to do a very funny video series that started to become very popular. In these series of videos, Justine would go to random Apple Stores and dance. Your probly thinking “what”?! but it is actually hilarious! In these videos she will do very random dances and she will film herself with the Macs at the store. In some videos she even gets kicked out of the store or told to stop. This is my favorite video of the series!

IJustine has a great personality and I think she will eventually become one of the biggest stars on Youtube. Her videos are halarious and they get funnier every video. Go check out her Youtube channel!