Green Day Tease Albums With Trailer And Tracklisting

Ignoring the fact that the first of their trilogy is still months away from release, Green Day have already begun teasing the final installment which isn’t due out until January 2013. The album is titled ¡Tre! and features drummer Tre on the cover art, fittingly. You can watch the trailer below – on the count of three.

If next year seems too far away, you’ll be pleased to know that the first single off “¡Uno!”, “Oh Love”, will premiere on radio next month (July 16th). According to, the opening album’s tracklisting is as follows:

1. Nuclear Family 2. Stay The Night 3. Carpe Diem 4. Let Yourself Go 5. Kill The DJ 6. Fell For You 7. Loss Of Control 8. Troublemaker 9. Angel Blue 10. Sweet 16 11. Rusty James 12. Oh Love

Are you excited for Green Day’s trio of albums?

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