Festive Celebs Rocking The American Flag

Hey guys,

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Kinda more than xmas because it’s warm, you get to be outside cooking food with friends and family, running around beaches or lakes, riding boats, jet skis, lighting fireworks, sparklers, watching fireworks, and dressing in red white and blue. That all happens while you’re getting a nice golden tan all day! I’m starting to get my wardrobe ready for the day with my patriotic gear but as I was online looking for some inspiration I came across a ton of photos of celebrities who wore the American flag pretty damn well over the years! Here are some good pictures of Justin Bieber, the American Pie girls, Katy Perry, and the all favorite Kate Upton, who in my opinion wins best dressed while eating a patriotic popsicle lol.

Are you planning to rock any American Flag gear for July 4th this year!?