Fashionistas of Warped Tour 2012: Meet Aly Silverio Owner of Shop Jawbreaking

This summer I will be interviewing the Fashionistasof Warped Tour. Our first featured Fashionistastyle member is none other than Aly Silverio, owner of Shop Jawbreaking.

Aly started Jawbreaking in ’08 when she was just a Sophmore in high school. Now she has one of the most sucessful clothing companies worn by some of your favorite stars. Aly took the time to answer some questions about her style, warped tour, and what she brings to the hottest tour of the summer.

GB: Describe your fashion style?

AS: I never know how to answer this question because it’s different every other day. I’m casual, but dressy. I’ll wear high waisted shorts with a muscle tank top, then add wedges to it. Sometimes I’ll dress as if I’m going to Coachella with the hi-lo skirts, crochet, and lace, then other days it’ll be like, “Hm, I’m going to be Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip girl today” and dress it up.

GB: Where do you shop?

AS: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, the obvious mall stores. I’ll seriously shop anywhere as long as it’s got something cute. I’ve been into PacSun lately, they’ve stepped up their game and I want EVERYTHING. I get a lot of stuff from thrift stores like Goodwill, but if I had all the money in the world, I would be shopping on everyday.

GB: What are your must have items for Warped Tour?

AS: Dry shampoo, baby wipes, perfume/something that smells good, deodorant, and definitely sunscreen with the highest spf because I legitimately get black in the summer. I think my new must have for this summer is going to be my new chargeable iPhone case, it’s going to be a lifesaver.

GB: The perfect outfit for Warped would include.

AS: I’m pretty casual at Warped. So, a pair of high waisted jean shorts, a cute shirt (A lightweight one, since it’s hot as hell), and my Vans or Chucks would be a pretty A+ outfit for me. I hate the sneaker tan I get, but my feet get beat up within the first day if I wear sandals and then they break.

GB: Who are you most excited to see?

AS: Yellowcard. They’ve been one of my favorite bands since I was, like, thirteen? So, I’m overly stoked about seeing them. I’m pretty excited to see Taking Back Sunday, Transit, and New Found Glory as well! My middle school self will be beaming.

GB: Every girl should carry ____ in their backpack for warped.

AS: Not to sound high maintenance, but I would say a small make up bag with your essentials. I know that I personally melt at Warped Tour and my makeup smears all over the place. I prefer to not look like someone punched me in the face when my makeup is smeared all over. So, I basically keep eyeliner with me to touch up through out the day. If not a make up bag, definitely carry some sunscreen.

You can check Aly out at Warped Tour this summer from July 6 – July 30 and buy some really cool Jawbreaking Tanks Tops and T-shirts!

Stay tuned all summer on my blog for more interviews with some of your favorite ladies of Warped Tour!