Fashionista of Warped: Melissa of June Divided

These Fashionista’s of Warped Tour keep bringing it! I was shocked at how much they suffer in the name of Fashion! Esp in the Las Vegas Heat!

This weeks featured Fashionista is Melissa of June Divided. She makes cool and comfy look so easy!

Gabbie: Describe your fashion style

Melissa: It definitely changes up, but it’s usually always practical and comfortable since I’m on the move a lot. Sometimes it’s a band tee and jeans, other times it’s a little more chic. I really like to mix a little bit of girly and grungy styles together. I’m a total mood dresser.

Gabbie: What are your must have items for Warped Tour?

Melissa:24/7 Liquid Eyeliner from Urban Decay- that stuff doesn’t budge in the heat, plus they have so many awesome colors. CoverFX’s PowderFX with SPF10 is perfect for fighting off sun and sweat. Also, and most importantly- Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen. I learned my lesson about sunscreen the hard way this year while on tour, and it wasn’t fun. It’s an easy thing to forget about while you’re on the road, but protecting your skin is a must!

Gabbie: The perfect outfit for Warped would include …

Melissa:Cute, printed shorts (I’m obsessed with Current/Elliot denim), paired with a solid, soft, breezy tee or tank. Add some earrings (love Free People’s jewelry), and my Vans KVDs and I think I’m good to go!

Gabbie: Who are you most excited to see?

Melissa: I’ve always been into The Used and Yellowcard so I’m excited to see them. Dead Sara is a new favorite of mine so I’m looking forward to seeing them live too. Also, I Fight Dragons. Gotta love a band with a sweet sense of humor!

Gabbie: Every girl should carry____ in their backpack for warped?

Melissa: Definitely sunscreen and a water bottle. Also, a marker and a notebook to write down names of bands you discover, so you remember where to find all the awesome music you heard. One more thing: don’t forget an SPF for your lips! I’m in love with Fresh’s Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15 in Honey.

Gabbie:How do you still keep your girly style when your in a band of boys?

Melissa:I think I’m still trying to figure that one out! (For one, I started buying neon colored socks so they wouldn’t get lost in a sea of boys’ black and white socks while out on the road!) I try to keep up on beauty and fashion blogs, and when I start to forget that I actually am a girl, I’ll take a mall trip, preferably with my favorite shopping buddy- my mom. 🙂

Gabbie: Who’s Warped Style to admire the most?

Melissa:I believe that Warped Tour is about being casual and comfy so you can brave the heat and enjoy the music. I honestly really admire anyone who does just that!

You can catch Melissa and the rest of June Divided July 22-28 on the Ernie Ball Stage

xo Gabbie