Fashionista Of Warped: Meet Tess Dunn

So Warped Tour official begins today in Salt Lake City and I can’t wait till Vegas (Tmins 5 days). I will be interviewing some more Fashionista’s of Warped and of course bringing you guys some new clothing companies to check out!

So to celebrate, I’am introducing you guys to Tess Dunn! This will mark her 4th year on Warped, How exciting!

GB: What are you looking forward to at Warped?

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the bands and going to all of the booths. I love love love Warped! It’s my favorite place to perform.

GB: Is your on stage fashionista the same as your off?

Tess: Pretty much! Sometimes I’ll be a bit more fashion-forward onstage. For example, I had three costume changes at my most recent album release show – I changed from purple and black skinny jeans to shorts and combat boots to a bright red dress within less than two hours. And I’ve been really lucky to have a friend who’s a makeup artist, and she’s very generous with her time before my gigs.

Tess: My leather jacket, without a doubt. It goes with EVERYTHING, whether I’m dressing up or dressing down. It’s the jacket I wear to all of my shows. I feel a little bad-ass when I wear it! Haha.

GB: What can we expect to see from you at Warped?

Tess: This year will be a little different, because I’ll be performing in the new Acoustic Basement. It’ll be exciting because I just released my second album, Honesty Box, a couple of months ago, so I’ll get to perform these new songs at Warped. Despite being acoustic, my full band will be with me, so we’re still gonna rock the basement.

GB:I must always bring_______

Tess: Sunglasses and sunscreen to Warped. The sun is killer. Last year I wore bright blue and yellow sunglasses – this year I’ll probably rock my neon green and black and white checkered ones [I own SO MANY PAIRS of sunglasses. It’s ridiculous. They’re my guilty pleasure]

GB: Something i normally forget when on tour (fashion wise).

Tess: is accessories. I have so many earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but I ALWAYS forget to put them on. I’m working on it though!

GB: Where do you shop?

Tess: First and foremost, Ross. They have a variety of clothes, and for cheap prices. I’ve bought most of my formal dresses from there, but you would never guess it. I also love Forever 21, because I can mix and match my style. And Hot Topic – I buy my skinny jeans from there. Also, my ears are stretched, and they have the best plugs there. Oh! And thrift stores, of course. I’ve had plenty of treasure hunts in them.

GB: Can you tell us a fashion tip/secret for surviving Warped?

Tess: IT. IS. HOT. I made the mistake of wearing skinny jeans my first year. Dress lightly! And sweating is absolutely inevitable, so if you’re self-conscious, think about how that will affect what you’re wearing, and plan accordingly.

You Guys Can Check Out Tess June 23 In San Fran!