Fashionista Of Warped: Meet Paige Augusta Singer Of Slatr

Happy Warped Tour KickOff Week!

This week for The Fashionista’s of Warped Tour, we are getting to know Paige Augusta, lead singer of Slatr. Paige is the only girl in this rock band and she’s a master at showing her fun girly style, but she still knows how to hang with the guys.

GB: What are 3 words that you would use to describe your style?

Paige: Bold, colorful and innovative.

GB: You’re in a band with all boys, tell us how you still keep yourself feeling girly but also like your one of the boys.

Paige: I have two sides to me. When it comes down to business, I have to stay the front person with a girlish, fun attitude and a touch of edge. With the guys, it’s like they are my brothers from another mother! We kid around, have fun and are all great friends. Just like a family affair!

GB: My go to Fashion item is______ Paige: Don’t really have one! It’s whatever moves me at the moment. Hmmmmmm…

GB: I will be packing_______ to take with me to Warped.

Paige: It’s got to be my mustache ring! It’s my good luck charm. It could have been my puppy, but she’d be a bit much to handle. 🙂

GB: Which Warped Tour singer or band do you admire fashion wise.

Paige: It would have to be past year’s PARAMORE and Hayley, to be specific! Heard that they actually started on WARPED when they were a bit older than us. She’s got that cute, confident, grungy kinda look that is inspirational to me.

GB:My stage outfit must consist of _____.

Paige:MY VANS and funky, tight jeans! I haven’t learned to manage the heels on stage. SCARY! I would go barefoot first!

GB: What should every Fashionista bring to Warped Tour?

Paige: Bring your cowboy hats and then throw them away! This isn’t Stagecoach! Kidding aside, cute shorts and a t-shirt – that would be my pick. It gets freakin hot out there and lots of bodies! Waterslide wearable and able to handle the sweat!

You can check out Paige and the rest of the band on the Kevin Says Stage 6/21-6/27.