Fashionista of Warped: Cheyenne Snider Singer of They All Float

Hello my fellow Buzzneters! I’am currently sitting in my hotel at the Luxor in Vegas getting ready for Warped Tour! Everyone seems to be chillen at the Hard Rock for Jack’s (All Time Low) Bday bash! Don’t we all wish we were there!

This weeks featured Fashionista of Warped is Cheyenne Snider, Lead singer for They All Float. I love her style and she is def holding down the fort for us girls on Warped!

Gabbie: What is 3 words that you would describe your style with?

Chey:Black, Bummin’, thrown together.

Gabbie:You’re in a band of all guys, do they rag on you being a girl?

Chey:Umm no actually! Mostly because i’am super sexiest and hate when they make fun of me haha.

Gabbie: My go to fashion item is?

Chey:My grey cartigan from American Apparel. It’s the perfect thing to wear when you wanna look girly when you’re in a band tee and it’s chilly out.

Gabbie:I will be packing_____ for Warped Tour?

Chey: I will be packing my black bralette because it looks adorable with a part of high waisted shorts and my boobs will never pop out of it when i’m in a crowd hahaah.

Gabbie: Which Warped Tour singer or band do you admire fashion wise?

Chey:Oh god I have no idea! They’re all dudes hahaha Someone metal as fuck!

Gabbie: My stage outfit must consist of___?

Chey: Um I like to dress very casual on stage because I find a lot of girls fluant themselves to attract attention for their band so my outfit always consist of Tight tight free people jeans, a band tee with the sleeves cut off and a pair of knock off vans from H&M I studded. I know i’m boring.

Gabbie: What should every Fashionista bring to Warped?

Chey: Nothing nice if you’re in a crowd it will probably get ruined! But something simple and cute is a rad pair of sun glasses.

Gabbie: If i could raid any person’s closet on warped, who would it be?

Chey:Levi Benton’s because I love Vursa Limited

Gabbie: The hardest thing about being a Fashionista on warped is?

Chey:Well for me it’s getting dressed and ready in a van with like 5 dudes.

You guys can check out Chey and the rest of the guys of, They All Float on The Kevin Says Stage 7/15, 7/21, 7/22



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