Family Difficulty In Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel dragged their father to court

He is really worried. But his sons want to silence him…


The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (22) dragged their own father Jörg (22) to court!

By an accelerated procedure the Hamburg Regional Court brought an injunction against him. The driver according to the court order, he would never speak about his famous sons publicly.

Otherwise he gets high fine or even jail…

“I am extremely disappointed in Bill and Tom”, said the father Jörg to BILD. “Nobody does this with his own father. You would call me just once.”

Instead, only a lawyer came forward, and now the court.

The relationship with his children was completely good until their moving to Los Angeles (Fall 2010): common holidays, visits at Christmas.


Since their moving to America, the Twins (also) suddenly were no longer available for their dad.

For him, it’s a sign that something is wrong with his children. He is worried and he said it, too. “All I want is that my children in Los Angeles do not come under the wheels.”

But the young rock stars chasing him through their lawyer.

Do they know what they do?

13 pages, including the Hamburg court’s decision, which was delivered by a bailiff.

BUT: “I will fight against the court decision.” He will face more resistance. The father Jörg needs to go to court against his sons.

Jörg: “I love my sons more than everything and it’s not going to change. But they make my situation really hard. I have done anything wrong with them. I just want that everything is good between us, as before.”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were not available to comment it.