Exclusive: Meet ‘Glee Project’ Season 2’s Lily & Mario

It’s that time of year again: The Glee Project time! Now that the third season of Glee is over and done with until the fourth season starts up in September, you can get your Glee fill with the second season of The Glee Project. What can you expect from this season? For starters, there are 14 contenders vying for a dream role on Glee. Their dream grand prize: a guest starring role on the hit FOX series! Season one saw its winners Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen each land seven-episode arcs on Glee, with two of the final four contenders Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell both earning two-episode arcs as runners-up. Who will win it all this season?

Meet Lily Mae, an 18-year-old with music in her blood! Aside from coming from a musical family, Lily has been singing all of her life and involved in musical theater for 6 years. While she is quite accomplished and has performed in front of over 2,500 people, she still finds it challenging to convince people that as a full-figured woman, she can be any show’s leading lady.

Get to know Lily better in the video below:

Then there’s Mario Bonds, a singer/songwriter who’s performed at various concerts and choirs in churches for 9 years. He was born with Morning Glory Syndrome, which caused him to go completely blind when he was nine. And while his condition doesn’t allow him to see, he can act, dance, sing and play instruments such as the drums, guitar, and piano. Mario dreams of publishing his autobiography and landing a recording contract.

Get to know Mario better in the video below:

The Glee Project season 2 premieres on Oxygen Tuesday, 6/5 at 10/9c.


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