How To Earn The Warped Tour 2012 Badge

Hey kiddos!

We are rolliing out all kind of fun badges on Buzznet for you to earn and showcase with pride on your profiles. I know I always get stoked when I earn a new one. The one that I am most excited about is the Warped Tour 2012 Badge! Yay!

Here is how you can be a proud owner of the awesome badge!

First, join the Warped Tour 2012 Group. That’s key to earning the badge. In order to earn the badge, you need to join.

Add all your photos, blogs, and anything else you want to the group. The tags you can use on all your posts can be “warpedtour2012,” “warpedtour,” and/or “warped.” Add any of those to your posts. You need to tag your posts so Buzznet Rewards can work it’s magic and give you points.

Since you have all summer to earn the Warped Tour 2012 Badge, you have a long time to earn this bad boy. As usual, make sure you:

BuzzBlogCommentSharePost Photos

All these things need to have the tags we mentioned so we can give you points. Be on the look out for all the awesome stuff we post as well as your friends. Hopefully soon, you’ll have this:

So share your Warped stories and photos and you will have one before you can learn all the words to the new All Time Low song! #musicrules.