The Early November In Anaheim: ‘Ever So Sweet’ Indeed

I had given up hope on seeing The Early November live when they had called it quits back in 2007. My spirits were lifted late last year with the announcement the band signed to Rise Records and would be putting out a new record; music to my ears.

The spring/summer tour with supporting acts The Wonder Years, The Swellers and Young Statues kicked off May 23rd and I caught the end of the run at the Anaheim House of Blues this past Friday night. After a day at Disneyland, I made my way over to FINALLY see them live — nine years in the making!

I tried to contain myself and not venture into the crowd, but as soon as Ace Enders took the stage I could not hold back. You could feel the room was filled with long-time fans anxious to hear “Ever So Sweet” live and to see Ace back on the stage as our conductor. Leading us in when to sing, clap our hands and take us down a road of memories with songs we had not heard live in years. Ace took a few moments to thank all of us for sticking by after all these years and expressed his excitement for the release of their new record, In Currents, coming July 10th. Bassist Sergio Anello was especially excited and even climbed the huge amps during the set and then leaped back onto the stage. It was awesome. One of the last songs of the night was “Baby Blue”; a song is off their 2005 album The Room’s Too Cold. The song is a fan favorite and everyone around me let out a roar when Ace sang the opening verse. Was a cool moment.

It was special to be surrounded by peers who had grown up loving this band and were all just as anxious as I was so see them perform. The best part of going to a show like this looking around and seeing strangers singing back to songs that you thought were only speical to you. Makes you feel like you are part of something, and that’s why #musicrules.

So happy The Early November is back and I recommend giving them a listen if you like Saves The Day or The Starting Line.

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What band are you just dying to see live for the first time?