Detroit – Pride + Epic Boat Party

Yesterday was a really incredible day. I performed at the Detroit Pride and saw so many of my amazing Moon Babies. I remembered all of your faces from last year!<3 Good to see you guys again. I hope you had fun cause I definitely did. I love u so much <3

Saw some other performances too…Hyper Crush and Nina Sky really killed it. Check them out if you don’t know who they are.

After the performance my Detroit friends had gotten me a wrist band to go to this epic party boat. There was this DJ there – John Marius who was playing incredible music. I had never heard of anything he played before but it was the kind of dance music that I wanna make. It was spiritual and emotional and took you places. I had such amazing connected moments dancing to his set. Add amazing deep house to the sunset + the river breeze and you get a tear jerking moment. Oh I felt alive!!!

I’m really starting to love this city. Next time I wanna check out more of the underground scene to just absorb the sounds and feelings. Feels like it could become my favorite place after Seattle for vibes.

Keep it real and lots of love <3,


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