Demi Lovato And Niall Horan Confess Their Love: Will They Get Together?

Demi Lovato has recently been linked to Big Time Rush member Logan Henderson, but it doesn’t look like Logan is the only boy band-er she’s got her eye on! While Big Time Rush is made up of some hunky members, One Direction is the current hotness of boy bands and everyone is crushing hard – including Demi! The 19-year-old inspirational entertainer and current X-Factor judge spilled the beans on one particular One Direction guy… and you’ll never guess who it is!

In a recent interview, Demi revealed: “I would snog Niall [Horan]. I do have a little crush on him. I love Niall, he is sooooo cute. I hear he’s really sweet and he’s a cutey pie!”

Whoa! That’s a pretty bold statement there Demi. And it seems that Demi’s feelings aren’t just one-sided!

In a recent ETalk interview, the One Direction guys were shown photos of celebrities and asked to choose which one of the guys would most likely to start dating them! When a photo of Demi was shown, Niall quickly pointed to himself, adding “100%!” Apparently his band mates are all aware of his crush on Demi!

Is this a match made in pop heaven? You tell us!

Do you think Demi and Niall would make a cute couple? Do you think they’ll ever get together?