Day 156: Happy 3rd Buzziversary To Me!!!

Oh Lordy, I was really really worried since I couldn’t enter here and I really don’t know why but the page said me it was not aviable and overloaded! I was like: OMG! It can’t happen! Not today! Not for my 3rd Buzziversary! I rebooted my pc and then it worked! Thanks God!

Soooooooooo…. this is such a great day for me! It seems unbelievable I already spent 3 years in this awesome and adorable community! For me, enter here everyday is like how to come back to my sign-up day on June 5th, 2009!

And the best gift for today was recieved the “Family” badge by BUZZNET few minutes ago!

AAAWWWWW I’m so so happy!

Writing this blog I remind the one of last year when I was freaking excited for going at Britney’s concert and I was searching for the tickets, damn! Time flies…

I also remind when I signed up here for the first time! I was soo excited because I wanted to know my two faboulous princesses: Hanna Beth and Audrey Kitching and when I started to talk with them it was like a dream come true! If when I started to follow them (in 2007) I knew to have this occasion, probably I couldn’t believe to myself hahahaha

But believe me, the most unbelievable fact, is that I could never ever imagine to find such a wonderful place here with sweet persons and the most important thing, find special friends and share with them tons of stuff, gifts and wishes!

So now I wanna spend some words for some of really special people for me here, and I will start with my two princesses:

Hanna, to say you are sweet and a doll isn’t enough! You always have been so nice and sweet with me and everytime I talked with you was better than a medicine. I remember when you asked me why I was sad and that really helped me a lot more than anything else! I’m so proud of you and I’m so glad you have a piece of me in your room, the portrait I made for you with Ivey 🙂


Audrey, I’ve never known a girl stronger than you! I really love you for who you are and for your strenght, I would like to have the half of your strenght. You always make me laugh and I love the way you talk and/or write your blogs or reply to the people. You are really really smart and if people learnt to you, the world could be a better place!


Rich, thanks so much for to be so nice, helpful and funny with me (and also with all the other Buzzneters). I really love chat and also tweet with you! And you already know that if I lived in LA, I already was in Buzznet office with you and the other Buzzmakers and had a lot of fun everyday!


Kat, probably I need a whole blog only for you! There are such a lot of things I wanna say about you… ok! I will try to be brief! XP when we started to talk I noticed that we had such a lot of things in common, I was surpiresed and I was surprised also about the fact you always thought the same of me, and even though already happened me once not so many years ago, I think with you it’s been different because I immediately understood that you were different! You are such an amazing girl, one of the best girls I’ve ever met in my whole life. You are so kind, you have such a pure soul, you are so special for me! I really don’t know what I could do if you weren’t here! I kept a promise to come in UK, I will do really really soon! I always kept my promises!


Pink Suicide, my darling! We knew just a few of weeks ago, but you already have a really special place in my heart. You are such a cute girl and over to be really stylish, you are so talented! I already said you how much I love your voice and I hope one day to produce you since music needs talents like you! I really love chatting with you and I wanna thank you for all the sweet things you always write to me!


James, or how I love call him J (xp), you are like my Buzznet brother and I really love your style and your blogs. You know when to be funny and when to be serious. You are such a sweet boy, and it’s hard to find a sweet boy nowadays. We have a lot of things in common too and I would be a liar if I said you haven’t a place in my heart!


Lory, my Buzznet mama! Our talks are so cool and are about anything from our private lifes to our passion for music. And doesn’t matter if you don’t talk everyday, I know that you have tons of things to do and you have your own family (just like me), I love also only spend a few minutes with you. You give me a lot of joy! Your sons have to be proud of you! They have an amazing mom!


Yong Yi, my Oriental princess. When I was young, I was obsessed with Mulan and when I knew you I thought Mulan was real hahahah I always loved your simplicity and your kindness. You are such an amazing girl and I hope one day to meet you. I love your way to be so creative and always original in anything you do. Never surrender!


Koti, awww my crazy Koti hahahaha you are the only one Italian guy I know here (of course with the adorable Alissa and Anabel, your sweet friends) and this rend you sooo special. You are like the boy of the next-door, you are nice, sweet and really funny! I love your talent for photography and your blogs (also in AKAsay XP) Alissa and Anabel have to be really proud of you! You have to be an awesome friend, and nowadays find a true friend is really really hard. And the dream I did some nights ago hasn’t to stay a dream, ok? I want Anabel, Alissa and you here in Trieste asap!!!!! XDDDD


I wanna also thanks Ben, for our long talks about Britney and Tokio Hotel and for always be so sweet with me and always believe in what I do and who I am!

There are a lot of other people I would like to thank like Patty (my personal Amber Riley/Jenna Ushkowitz girl XPPP I love your smile, your way to see life and your sweetness) , Yasi (you inspire me everyday with your ideas about fashion), Bree (if it wasn’t for you, I’ve never discovered this place! I love you since your interview to Tokio Hotel in 2008) and I know, probably I forgot someone else, but you are in my heart. Always.


Thanks so much to all my lovely Buzzneters!

Love y’all