Crew Love Feat. The Ready Set’s Christian Skirmont!!

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I am now onto my 4th “Crew Love” feature and I decided to switch it up and make it into a gallery of fun photos instead of just a blog! This feature is on a lovely tour friend named: Christian Skirmont. He has worked with many bands in the past, more recently being The Ready Set and Every Avenue!!

Check out the Gallery and the Interview Below!!!

BH: When did you first realize you had such a love for music?

CS: When I was in third grade I really wanted to sing in a band like they played on all the popular alternative stations. I got my friends together and tried to sing but I was terrible. In fact, I could qualify as the worst singer ever. So I picked up playing guitar and went from there.

BH: When/how did you first start touring?

CS: I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was in my teens. I was playing in my own band from Nebraska and we caused chaos. I’ve been working for bands for a couple years now. Before that I did my own bands.

BH: You have worked with a few different bands, do you feel it is all the same?

CS: Absolutely not, haha. It all rules in the long run, though. You have a lot of different people and personalities with each band you work for. Then there is the gear…

BH: Define YOUR perfect tour.

CS: Jimmy Eat World

Acceptance (Reunion)

w/ The Starting Line


Every Avenue (So I could be on it! )

BH: Describe what the average day is like on the road as a band member and a crew member.

CS: Haha, that depends what band you’re in. Band dudes usually go to the gym, Starbucks, exploring etc.. until the show starts. Then go watch bands and hang out until the show time. For crew dudes like me, I usually have to be up unloading the trailer at noon and pretty much work on setting everything up, restringing, sound check and all that good stuff until about four or five. Then I kind of hang out on the bus or green room until the set. Pretty basic. After the show is a different story every night.

BH: What memory stands out to you the most from being on tour?

CS: I just went to the Philippines, Australia and a couple countries in South America with The Ready Set. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better time in my life. My passport feels like a badass right now.

BH: Do you have any favorite states or venues that you prefer?

CS: I’m biased. I have to say the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI is my favorite. I live next door to it and I’m great friends with all the awesome people that work there.

Also, most of the House of Blues, the Rave in Milwaukee, The Slowdown in Omaha, and The National and Norva in Virginia.

BH: If you could design the “TOUR BUS OF ALL TOUR BUSES” what would it look like, inside and out!

CS: I’m not too picky, really. I guess as long as it had a slide out, a full size fridge, a shower and Limp Bizkit’s, “Rollin'” bumping throughout the system, then I would be set. I also pretty much just described The Ready Set bus. The outside of the bus could be wrapped with like a picture of my parents, because I never see them and they are pretty cool.

BH: What is your next step/goals of 2012?

CS: I guess for this year is to just keep busy and stay on the road, save some money and buy a house. I’d like to do some tour managing soon, because I pretty much only tech now.

BH: Any last words for everyone checking this out??

CS: Check out my dudes in Search the City, Squid the Whale and Wilson and let’s fucking hang out one day. <3

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