Buzznet’s Warped Tour 2012: Here We Go

“I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour I remember it’s the first time that I saw her there…”

Hello my lovely Buzznet family! I know we’re all anxious for Warped Tour to kick off so we can catch our favorite bands like All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday and The Used. Going to the Warped Tour has been a staple of my summers since I went to my first one back in 2002, and I am lucky to be attending the festival as part of my job 10 years later. We’ll be doing a lot of fun stuff on Buzznet this summer to keep everyone up on what is happening on the tour.

I hope you have all been enjoying our video series with bands sharing memories from being on the tour — but now I want to know YOUR experiences. We have set up a collaboration gallery that I hope you will all contribute to this summer. The gallery will be available to anyone who wants to share a photo and a little something about how their day went. What bands did you see? What did you wear? Did you go to a signing? Any cool non-profits you chatted with? Even what kind of festival food you chowed down on, we want to know!

There will also be a fun Warped Tour badge you can earn this summer! We’ll announce what you have to do to earn the Warped Tour badge shortly, so stay tuned. Once you get it, we have some pretty cool stuff for you win from the tour.

I love sharing all the experiences I have at shows and I want to read about YOURS this summer! So please share and we will feature some of your stories on our homepage. Also, Buzznet will be at the Irvine, Pomona and Ventura dates chatting with some of your favorite bands and will posting our interviews throughout the summer. And as always we’ll be featuring our stellar concert photography.

Here is where you can find the Warped Tour 2012 Collab Gallery!

Please join our Warped Tour group on Buzznet and let’s talk music all summer long! #musicrules.