Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #17: One Day (No Photos)

Don’t wake me upDon’t shake me from my sleepYour long armsThey’re grabbing meOh, nightmaresYou’re here too oftenLonger than any loverMaybe it was you that stole all of my covers

Not getting any restAnd the light is creeping inDancing on the barricades That keep me trapped withinThese dirty windows They’ve never been my friends

Cold air on my skinCracked streets at my feetTake the daily route March to different beat

Maybe we’ll pay for it todayMaybe we won’tWe’ll end up in the same placeIt’s the same place that will break us down

And we count downTill we can get upAnd we’ll take it all inUntil we’ve had enough

Day in, day outBreathe in, breathe outtalk to machinestalk to myself

This isn’t itbut you’re telling me it isThis is the way it isThis is the way we are

And then that’s itAnd then we’ll do it againAnd this is the last timeUntil we meet at the end

We shake handsWe’ll fall asleep apartAnd you’ll wake me in the middle of the nightAnd the cycle will restart

Day inDay outDay inDay’d in. I’m out.