Your Buzznet Rewards Winners Are….

A while ago, I announced that I would get to writing about the top contributors in our Buzznet Rewards program. Since that announcement came from me, in the true style that I have managed to create for myself, it’s late! My apologies for that. Please to not hate me.

Instead, let’s get on with the party that celebrates the top contributors to each of our sections!


If you all don’t know who Haleigh Rice is, you are missing out. She posts pretty much all over and has some of the highest points on Buzznet. She contributes a lot of quality stuff in the Fashion section and has some very ecclectic posts about everything she loves.


^ Not SamiGirlB ^

I couldn’t find a profile pic of the person that made the Music page all the more merrier. I found one of the images that SamiGirlB posted in her Zombie Attack Ren Faire Gallery and doodled on it. Please don’t be cross with me, Sami B.

Anymews, SamiGirlB has been making her presence known on Buzznet by posting and commenting all over everything and it’s really cool to see Sami hanging out on Buzznet. Party on!

Pop Culture/Entertainment

All we need to tell you about our next winner is that she is the biggest fan of Britney Spears and Tokio Hotel. She uses the share buttons and always tweets her latest finds out to the rest of the world. We also love seeing IreneKaulitz90 put a more personal spin on her 365 Day Project as well. We <3 you, Mimi!


Yay GummiBearsss1! Breezy is one of our most talented photographers. She takes amazing nature shots and always something wonderful to say to all of her friends. She always takes time to write back to those that comment on her work. She keeps the Buzz Love going strong!

Remember, these were the top contributors to each page. If you were close to winning this time around, keep up the good work. The next winners won’t be the same. We want to give everyone the chance to win stuff.

If you won, contact me so I can send you your goodies!

Go give these Buzzneters some kudos and check out why they’re so amazing. TTFN!