Buzznet + Facebook: Bridging the Gap

Howdy Everyone!

Since we are always looking for more ways to share the things you love on Buzznet with the rest of the world, we are launching a brand new way that you can share stories you’ve just read on Buzznet to your Facebook activity stream.

When you turn this social reader on, your friends can also see the things you’ve just read on Buzznet in their tickers. To turn on the social reader, make sure you toggle the “Off” button next to “Activity” to “On.” This is always off unless you turn it on, so nothing is posted to your Facebook unless you want it to be.

If you don’t want people see everything you read, you can remove selected items from the reader by clicking “Activity”. This will show the recent items you’ve read. To remove them, simply hit the “x” found next to the item you want to remove.

There you have it! Go forth and share your favorite stories with everyone out there so they know why you love this place so much.