Buzznet Exclusive: Spring Break 95 Clothing Summer Line

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We have some exciting news for those of you who are looking to rock some amazing new clothes this Summer. Thankfully, We got YOU covered, Spring Break 95‘s highly anticipated Summer 2012 line is unveiled exclusively here on Buzznet! Another plus is all of YOU Buzznet readers are going to be able to enter to win SB95’s “Oh, Lindsay” tank on Monday, June 11 exclusively through Ashlee Holmess blog.

SO… now if you are thinking “Wow! This rules BUT what exactly is Spring Break 95?!” dont worry, we have ALL the answers below:

“The main thing we stand for at Spring Break 95 and the thing we feel the brand represents is that everyone, regardless of what they do, how much money they make, where they live, what they listen to, what they like, etc. can come together on one universal truth: that partying sets you free. Stay Wild, Stay Free, Stay Classy, and Always Party.”

The line has been worn by everyone from Justin Bieber to Lights to Emmure to The Acacia Strain, so clearly Spring Break has no boundaries or musical limitations. To celebrate Spring Break’s Summer Takeover the company is having a weekend of parties in Brooklyn and New Jersey from June 28th to June 30th. With Dj’s, awesome bands including Albany’s “Northern Faces”, and giveaways at each event, SB95 will be leaving their mark on Summer 2012.

FYI: The summer line consists of 2 unisex t’s, 3 unisex tanks, and 2 girls tanks and all SB95 clothing is printed on American Apparel! Amazing right? is now LIVE and ready to go so..SHOP AWAY!!!

*Photo Credit: Mike Lerner

What is your favorite piece from this Summer Line?