Buzznet Exclusive: Chris Wallace’s Solo Journey

Chris Wallace of The White Tie Affair has made his solo debut with the pop track, “Remember When (Push Rewind)”. Mr. Wallace was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his solo journey, how being a solo act is different from being in a band, and what fans can expect from his debut solo album coming out this summer.

Your first solo album is coming out this summer, how did the creative process differ from when you were working with a group?

The creative process wasn’t that much different, but being alone really allowed me to push the boundaries and take chances that I had never or was afraid to take in the past. When you’re working with a group everyone has to agree on the final product, so being a solo artist makes the decision-making process sooo much easier.

What made you decide to pursue a solo career?

I always trust my instincts. Whether I’m writing a song or choosing a path in life. I just felt like the perfect time in my life to do my own thing. The journey I had during the White Tie Affair gave me so much to write about. There was no doubt in my mind this was the next step for me.

You have a very strong, distinctive sound, how did you develop such a powerful singing voice?

First of all, thank you!! I first realized I could sing while driving in my car when I was 16. I would just turn the music up all the way and sing along just for fun. Then when I started my first band, we didn’t have a pa or mic, so I would just sing over the band as we played. At the time I had to become a loud powerful singer out of necessity haha.

Are your songs autobiographical?

Every song on my album is autobiographical. In the White Tie Affair, I would mostly make up fantasy scenarios about life. With ‘Push Rewind’ I wanted to be completely honest, so I basically looked back at my life. Even though sometimes it was hard to be vulnerable, I’m so happy with how it turned out.

When you set out to write a song, what is your goal in terms of how you want it to make your listeners feel?

I want you to feel happy for the most part! I really aim to have the music and lyrics capture the emotions I felt when writing the song. For example: “Remember When” is kind of a sad song about trying to rewind time to get back this perfect girl I let slip away while pursuing my dream. But in the chorus I put a really hard-hitting fun beat in to show the nostalgia of all the great memories we shared. Even in my sad songs, I try to ad some fun. Life is short, so why not smile as much as possible!

Some critics have named you ‘The Male Katy Perry’; do you feel that your style has anything in common with hers?

Honestly I’m flattered to even be mentioned in the same sentence as an incredible songwriter/artist who has countless #1’s. I do see the similarities though. We both come from rockfish backgrounds. I play guitar, she plays guitar. We both write pop songs, but try to sneak in as much guitar as possible.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

I would love to write a song with Pink. She has this amazing ability to be so real and straight to the point w/ her lyrics. I would love to get a drink with her too. She seems really cool haha. Who has been your favorite person/group to work with this far?

A few years ago, my old band did a month long tour with Lady Gaga. The tour was right as she was becoming a household name. Seriously such an awesome experience hanging out after shows on that tour. In her dressing room, she would even play some demos from her new album. Gaga is such a great person and I learned so much from hanging out with her.

What’s next for you after the release of your album?

I’m definitely planning a national tour. I really cannot wait to take the stage and bring my high-energy show to life. Also I can’t wait to do some worldwide touring.

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