BubbleGoth at E3!

Me and my friends went to E3 last night. It’s the the video game industry’s largest annual trade show which opened Monday in Los Angeles. We were taking part of (Red) Rush Games that works towards an AIDS fee generation by 2015 so I played a little bit of Kinect Tennis for charity with Fatal1ty who is a pro gamer. It was really fun and obviously, he won.:P

I was so impressed by how developed technology is. Everything is already motion sensitive and so intelligent. I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna be like in 5 years. Also all the game companies had put a lot of effort into their booths and found creative ways of promoting their game so it almost felt like a mini Disneyland full of nerds. I love nerds.

My favorite sightings were 2 japanese video game character girls who turned out to be Moon Children!:) and also the Huge Sonic statue.

My bestie Brian was taking pictures the whole time so here’s a little gallery of what it was like:

Pics by Brian Ziff