My First Warped Tour: Interviews With All Time Low & Paramore!

Hey Loves,

Re featuring this from last year…:)

I wanted to not only share some of my Vans Warped Tour Memories with you in a Buzznet Q&A, but I have also attached some of my old Warped Tour photos when I went out to do music journalism! Check it out because there are LOTS of familiar faces in there 😉

Here is a link to some more of the interviews I did: CLICK!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Warped Tour?”

I think of the sun…LOTS of sun, music, sweat, smiles and friends…oh also those amazing bbqs 😉

What is your most memorable moment from going to a show?

-This is a really hard one because honestly every year it just gets better in its own ways. However, I don’t think anything can compare to the feeling I had when I went to my first Warped at 17 in 2007. I brought some of the other girls from ( a music journalism website I used to co -own,pics of us are in the gallery) and we did like 30 interviews and got to meet/see some of our favorite bands for the first time!! Definitely a crazy accomplishment!

Suggestions on how to survive a day at The Warped Tour?

-Oh man…as much as its super cool to be tan and stuff.. WEAR SUNBLOCK!! You will end up like a lobster and miserable at about 3pm and want to die or faint(some people have). Stay hydrated with water so don’t let that free Monster tempt you, you will have a heart attack. oh also…bring lots of batteries for your cameras, a phone charger, a SMALL bag and comfy shoes!!

A favorite band you’ve seen while at a show?

-Holy cow, SO MANY!! That is why I love Warped it brings so many genres and levels of bands together in one place! I have seen more favorites than I can begin to count plus my favorites change pretty often. It may not be a favorite but I will say one band that was VERY interesting to see live was GWAR hahaha!

Craziest thing you’ve seen while at the Warped Tour?

-I have seen so many people faint and pass out, so many non clothed body parts, some of the longest lines for food/ bathrooms and band meet and greets ever, some of the most epic walls of death and pits, and of course some of the most dedicated fans as well as crew and bands that follow and/or work on the tour!

Any band’s your excited to see this year?

– I AM SO EXCITED WE HAVE A BUZZNET BOOTH ON ALL OF WARPED TOUR!! I can’t wait to see Sleeping With Sirens, William Beckett, The Summer Set and We Came As Romans!