From Boyfriend To Bieber: How To Bieber-fy Your Boyfriend

With his highly-anticipated album Believe out today, a high profile romance with gal-pal Selena Gomez, and a sold-out tour, teen sensation Justin Bieber is on top of the world right now! It comes to no surprise that many guys want to be him and many girls want to date him. From his Hollywood romance to his ever-so-suave single “Boyfriend,” the Biebs seems to have what it takes to be the ideal BF.

While not everyone can have Bieber as a boyfriend (sorry ladies, he’s ALL Selena’s!), here are ways to bring out the Justin Bieber in your BF:

Step 1: Get A Swagger Coach – In This Case… You!

Ryan Good was Justin Bieber’s long-time swagger coach who taught the Biebs how to be the Biebs. Think Justin was born knowing how to dress with style? No way! You, stylish lady, are now officially your BF’s swagger coach.

Step 2: The Hair

Whether it’s wispy locks, a gel-managed ‘do or something in between, the Biebs wears his hair with pride. Get your guy to find a hairstyle that complements his features as well as one he likes – the key is to maintain it.

Step 3: The Face

One thing about JBiebs is known for is his hairless face. I mean really, when have we ever seen Justin rocking a ‘stache or goatee, much less a beard? Clean cut is the way he rolls and we have to admit, he looks great!

For a great clean shaven look, follow these tips from Gillette’s Guide to a World Class Shave:

Step 4: The Clothes

Justin isn’t afraid to take risks with his clothes. He can go from being totally dressed down in a white v-neck t-shirt to rocking a bright, bright blue blazer on the red carpet. While many guys (and girls!) are stuck in their ways, it’s never a bad idea to take a risk and try a new look. Who knows… it may just be their thing!

Step 5: The Kicks

Ever see the Biebs wearing flip flops in public? We didn’t think so! Justin works the heck out of a pair of sneakers – especially his Supra Skytop sneakers! These ones in purple scream his name, but if your dude isn’t a violet-shade fan, he can always get them in grey.

Step 6: Give Him a Mic

Okay, okay – so your dude doesn’t sing. It’s not really what you can do with the mic, it’s HOW you do it. So he can’t sing… no biggie! Go to karaoke anyway, where he can belt out a Bieber song (so what if it’s off-key?) and serenade you and you’ll be so impressed with his confidence, you can’t even tell!

Ta da! There you have it: a Bieber-fied boyfriend that’s all yours. Now go on a Disneyland date (or somewhere equally amazing) and have a blast!

Which celebrity would be your dream significant other?