Blogger Interview With Olivia Lopez Of ‘Lust For Life’

If you’ve ever ventured through Tumblr,, Chictopia, and other fashion sites, you’ve most likely have seen this fashionista! Born in Manila, Phillipines, but based in Los Angeles, this 19-year-old fashion blogger, known as Olivia Lopez, is a wonder woman in the making!

Not only has she been featured on Elle China, Nylon Japan, Teen Vogue, and many more, Olivia is a down-to-earth gal who has been blogging since ’06, model (as seen in GAP, American Apparel), and even owns a boutique selling vintage items! Wow, with so much under her belt, she was able to chat with me about fashion, music festivals, and more!

In the meantime, you can check out the gallery below for some of her BEST outfits, and make sure to continue reading the interview below!!


Name: Olivia Lopez Location: Los AngelesBlog: Lust For LifeShop: The CaravanTwitter: @wanderlustttFacebook: The Caravan

1. Why did you want to start a blog, and what do you hope to achieve from it?

When I first launched ‘Lust for Life’ on my freshman year of high school, I had created it to use as a personal photo diary of the music festivals I attended, road trips I took and outings with my friends mixed in vintage inspiration from the 1960’s. I had no foresight on how far blogging for fun would ever take me–it’s only been seeping in this past year at how far this hobby has propelled into an industry of its own!

2. How did you come up with the blog title, Lust For Life?

“I’ve got a Lust for Life” was inspired by a song from one of my favorite rock and roll artists Iggy Pop, and I use it as my overall metaphor for life. It defines my wanderlust to take road trips, my undying love for live music, travel culture, and this never ending hunger to experience new things in my everyday life.

3. How do you describe your style, and how did you discover it?

My style looks as if I went on a road trip down Route 66′ and stopped by every thrift stores and a Barney’s outlet along the way. My love for thrifting started out in the sixth grade, but working in apparel, being a blogger and having a network of creative friends here in LA has definitely elevated my taste for “designer” brands. I love how simple and wearable Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and Phillip Lim are.

4. What would you say is the best thing and hardest thing to fashion blogging?

The best thing about fashion blogging are the opportunities and amazing people that you meet along the way. The most difficult: the upkeep and the sometimes misunderstood and preconceived notions people make of you.

5. We know you’re based in LA, does the city inspire your blog, if at all?

LA is such a strange and bizarre city that I’m still trying to peg. The street style, the people, and the ample amount of places to shop vintage definitely inspire me. There’s a different vibe in every part of town, and just like my style, it’s always flexible and changing.

6. Who or what are some of your fashion muses?

My favorite street style stars are Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo, but on another end I love how Charlotte Kemp dresses unconventionally out of this era.

7. When you’re not blogging, what do you like to do?

Take road trips north and south Pacific Coast Highway, try out new types of cheese, creating an adventure with friends without a set itinerary, and daydream.

8. So we know you’ve been to Coachella for the umpteenth time, but any summer festivals you’re dying to go to?

This summer I can’t wait to see Neil Young in August at Outsidelands!

9. What’s THE most favorite item you’ve been wearing (or want to wear) this summer?

Picked up the last pair of Alexander Wang ‘Joan’ heels left in my size (fate) that went on sale. They’ve been stuck to my feet ever since.


Remember to check out the gallery below, and let us know which one is YOUR favorite!

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