The Best Of Both Worlds: Featuring Tyler Carter!!

Hey Lovelies,

Just as I promised I have a new “Best Of Both Worlds” for you all! This time it is featuring the very talented Tyler Carter! Tyler is a fresh face in the RnB game, but has been around the scene for a few years as the former frontman of Woe Is Me! He has moved on to create music on his own and I highly reccommend you check it out and keep up with him because you will for sure be seeing more of him 😉

The videos below will show you EXACTLY why I feel Tyler is the “Best Of Both Worlds” this boy can sing beautifully yet his scream knocks it out of the park 😉

FREE Download Of “Stayin’ Alive: HERE!!!

BH: Describe yourself using 3 song titles.

TC: Jailhouse Rock – Elvis, Mr. Brightside – The Killers, Headlines – Drake

BH: What is one memory from a show that stands out to you the most?

TC: Stage Diving at Warped Tour and losing my in ears!

BH: What are the last thoughts that run through your head when you step on stage?

TC: “Pretend they all want you more than anything else in that moment, and kill it regardless, if they don’t want you, make em want you.”

BH: What’s the best advice you have been given on the music world?

TC: I’ve taught a few singers how to warm up properly and stuff like that. I am not good with musical advice.

BH: What are a few things you cant live without on the road?

TC: FUNYUNS, ARIZONA and deodorant and razors.

BH: What’s one of your guilty pleasures and hidden talents?

TC: I’m a sucker for tea, and I love wasabi peas! I can do tons of voices and act like people.

BH: What is something a fan has made for you that you still have?

TC: I have a couple really sick paintings and figurines people made of me.

BH: If you could tour with any 4 bands from the 80s and 90s who would you choose?

TC: Guns N Roses, Matchbox 20, Hanson, Poison

BH: What was your favorite class in high school?

TC: Literature

BH: If someone made a movie about your life what would the title be and what actor would play you?

TC: If it were a comedy it’d be called Mopers and it’d be Jim Carrey cause I act a lot like him Jack Black would be my best friend. If it were a drama it’d be Ryan Gosling and it’d be called Georgia.

BH: What would your rap name be?

TC: D-151

BH: Tell us about the scariest experience you’ve had on tour!

TC: Tornado warning, had to pull the bus over and all walk under a parking garage cause the bus wouldn’t fit.

BH: What is the worst job you have ever had in the past?

TC: I went to Military school boarding, never had time for a job. Started touring after High School so that’s been my only job.

BH: Share a random fact about yourself that not many people would expect!

TC: I like girls with a perfect smile, nice thighs, nice feet, and can make me laugh. I’m a spazz.