All Time Low Spill On Their Future

Our friends over at Absolute Punk have the skinny on what the boys of All Time Low have been up to and what fans can expect from their new album. AP revealed earlier this week that the boys from Baltimore have parted ways with their major label, but what else did they find out? Let’s take a look!

One the new record Alex Gaskarth shared:

It’s really tough to do this right. Whatever I say now will be scrutinized and debated whenever the record comes out. I can sit here and say that it’s more like our old stuff, or that it’s something we’ve never done before, or that it’s going to change everything for us, but I just don’t know that for sure. People will form their own opinions. What I know is that it’s hard hitting, dynamic, and has a ton of heart. Everyone gave it their all on this record, because we were doing it for ourselves, unsigned, and with nobody telling us that we need a “game-changer.” We’re not here to change the game, we’re here to prance naked across the field until we’re tackled by the authorities.

He also shared that the band will be performing new songs on this summer’s Warped Tour, SWEET! Also, keep an eye on the band’s site today for a something special kicking off at 5 PM EST! For the full interview with Alex on AP, click here!

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Are you happy to see ATL doing things are their own?