80s Fashion In Film: Modern Girls

I have a soft spot for 80’s films as you can probably guess…so for this week’s Fashion in Film segment, I chose the amazingly awesome 1986 movie Modern Girls. The story revolves around three girls (Margo, Kelly, and Cece) enjoying the vibrant and decadent nightlife of the 80s. The gals have three things in common: they’re roommates, they’re gorgeous, and they’re hooked on the glamour and excitement of L.A.’s rock and roll scene. It’s Netflix synopsis includes the phrase “It’s a night full of wacky ’80s action”…which includes meeting rock star Bruno X, surviving a police raid, getting dumped by DJ Brad, taking a trip on Ecstasy, escaping from crazed fans and a run-in with a sexual criminal. It’s very much a capsule of the Los Angeles party scene in the mid-80s…not to mention, the fashion is INCREDIBLE! From the wild colors and crazy outfits, to the neon lit nightlife – you can feel yourself being transported back in time. My most favorite part is the beginning sequence, when the girls are getting ready to go out – it’s like an 80’s fashion show! I love it so much! If you appreciate retro music, fashion and decor, you’ll love this film too!