5 Summer Songs To Sing-Along To

Glorious summer is here! No more school or tests — just hanging with pals and enjoying some freedom! Some of my best summer memories are driving around in the warm summer air with my best friends blasting music and singing along as loud as we can. To be honest, this is still an activity I partake in — nothing like a good sing-along or “Scogg-along”.

To make the transition from spring to summer even better, here are 5 songs I think will make this summer the best yet! RAD!

Here are 5 summer songs to sing-along to!

The Rocket Summer‘s — “Run And Don’t Stop”

This song feels like it will be best for driving to the beach with friends. The versus all have a sing-along aspect to them and the song has an upbeat tempo that will make you smile all summer long! The Rocket Summer’s new album, Life Will Write The Words is available today and will be full of summer jams!

Cassadee Pope‘s — “Secondhand”

This song is sweet and perfect for rocking out to with some girlfriends. The chorus is catchy and has a sentiment we call all relate to. You can pick up her new solo EP here!

Justin Bieber‘s — “All Around The World”

Bieber sure is growing up and making music that sheds his cute image. His new song “All Around The World” make me want to dance and I can totally see this becoming a song of the summer!

Neon Trees‘ — “I Am The DJ”

This track has an explosive chorus with clever lyrics — classic Neon Trees. I see this song as good one to blast whilte driving at night, give it a try.

All Time Low‘s — “The Reckless And The Brave”

As soon as I heard this song I KNEW it as going to be one of my favorite songs of the summer. It’s catchy, has and anthemic chorus and makes me want to jump around. That’s really all I am looking for in a pop/punk song! Can’t wait for more from ATL!

There you have it, 5 songs I will be “Scogg-alonging” to this summer!

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! #musicrules.

What are YOUR summer songs?