WATCH – Cobra Starship Release One Of Two Music Videos For #1Nite

Yesterday Perez Hilton premiered Cobra Starship‘s new video, but fear not if you missed it because the clip has now been officially released to the entirety of the internet. The song in question is Twitterati-referencing “#1Nite” which features Candian pop artist My Name Is Kay (whose name is, surprisingly, Kay). If you’re too lazy to watch the video for yourself, here’s the synopsis: it’s a home video montage of fans, fun and frolics taken from the band’s tour of Japan. If you’re surprised that the video wasn’t given a bigger budget then you’ll be pleased to hear that a newer-than-new version of the video is coming soon too.

What do you think of this video?

Do you think the band need to shoot a new video with Kay?