Style Profile: Victoria Justice

Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning, I say “Self, you need to get over the ’90s.” Then I put on my Nirvana t-shirt and kiss my framed photo of Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa Explains It All and head out the door. So while I may not be taking my own mirror advice, new Nickelodeon starlets like Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, and the subject of today’s Style Profile, Victoria Justice, make me feel a little better about the new generation. Sure, there is a distinct lack of bedazzled baseball caps and printed bike shorts and vests in general, but Victoria definitely brings it with a lot of cut-outs, flouncy skirts, and more leather than one would expect from a Teen Nick icon. The 19-year old Victorious star has mile legs and uses them wisely, often sporting mini dresses and short shorts with sky high heels. All in all her style is girl-next-door mixed with bad-girl’s-club and that is a combo we can definitely get behind.

Click through the gallery for some of her best looks, and let us know what you think of Victoria’s style.


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