Pssssst…. I have some very exciting news…..

Wait for it!

Okay here you go!

After MONTHS of working on it, and putting it together, I am proud, happy and stoked to announce that Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom is now an AUDIO BOOK!

That’s right, you can download the audiobook ANYWHERE in the world, and listen to ME read you my book, on a plane, in your car, on a trip or while you work out!

I am so thrilled that this has come together, I love audiobooks– I know most of you have signed up for the FREE CHAPTER of the audio book on my facebook page, and have already had a taste of this awesomeness!

You can download the audiobook here!

Please, if you loved my book, or love my blogs share this news with your friends on social media. I’m just a little indie author, and every single download, recommendation and tweet helps me so much!