‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Finale: Deaths, Heartbreak & A Twist

If you have not watched the season finale of Vampire Diaries, season 3 then I suggest you please leave, go on your computer, TV, whatever it is you usually watch it on and WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Then, come back and read this. Because of course, as usual this post will have spoilers, it’s a recap, duh.

Now off with the recap and thoughts. OMG OMG OMGG YOU GUYS HOW AWESOME WAS THIS EPISODE? BEYOND AMAZING. It wouldn’t be Vampire Diaries without heartbreak, twists, deaths and of course a cliff-hanger! Especially in the finale, because it contained ALL of that.

This episode starts off with Elena in the hospital after she suddenly collapsed last episode. Jeremy called 911 and brought her to Dr. Meredith to treat her. Damon and Stefan think this was a stupid idea because who needs doctor when she’s got her own set of vampires? Damon and Stefan decide that one of them needs to go back for Elena and one needs to take care of Klaus‘ body. Of course, it’s Stefan who goes back to her…

She’s with Matt when he walks in and she gives him a warm hug. Then there’s the flashbacks. We get to see Jenna again, YAY! (though not enough), and then we meet Elena’s parents for the first time. A very attractive couple, I must say. It was so weird seeing her in her cheerleading uniform, as well as Bonnie. Also her dating Matt back then and sharing a kiss. It just shows how far Elena’s come and how much everything her life has changed since then.

Elijah is also back in this episode! Yipeee!!! It totally made up for the fact that Klaus wasn’t in this. I need me some sexy originals. Plus, I love Elijah, and he is SO in love with Elena. Which guy isn’t, really? He is there for an offer. He and Rebekah wants Klaus’ body because he is part of their family after all. Oh, now you guys care?

Meanwhile, evil Alaric is trying to persuade Jeremy to get on his side by protecting his sister by getting rid of all the vampires. Also because he told the whole counsil about Tyler and Caroline, the Mystic moms (Mrs. Lockwood & Sheriff Forbes) demand them to leave town and run because they will be hunted down otherwise. At first they are hesitant, but then realise that they love each other and that this would actually be pretty romantic and they can get away from it all and live forever and ever, happy ever after. Eh, not exactly. You really think you guys would get away that easily, huh?

Stefan, Jeremy, and Matt set off, but before that happens Stefan and Elena have a heart-felt moment and even share a romantic kiss! That’s because Stefan doesn’t know whether this will be the last time he’s going to see her again. I felt that this kiss kind of influenced her decision, it made her realise that she missed him being with her and making her feel safe and alright. Which is why…

SHE CHOOSES STEFAN. Yes, she chooses Stefan. I had to repeat it twice, because I was so angry. I knew this was going to happen, it was so typical. She calls Damon after he is totally beaten up by Alaric and he finally asks her straight up who she chooses. She says the reason is because Stefan came into her life first and was the first one she loved. Little does she know, SHE ACTUALLY MET DAMON FIRST. In another flashback, it shows Elena on the night of the accident out in the streets and Damon introduces himself and comforts her and gives her sweet advice. But when her parents car pulls up, he compels her to forget all of that because he doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s in town just yet. Oh Damon, why are you so good to her?

You know what this means, right? Well it means that Delena is not endgame. What does that mean? That means, her decision is not final. It can be changed now that….

ELENA’S A VAMPIRE. Yess, a vampire, you heard right. When you turn into a vampire, you remember every memory that you had been compeled to forget when you were a human. And since Damon compeled her to forget the memory of when they first met, she may reconsider her decision because since her decison was partly based on who she met first, she did meet Damon FIRST. She will also remember the time when Damon told her he loved her and then compeled her to forget. Oh yeah! One more thing! In the flashback, Damon says that she wants a love that consumes her, and Elena says that she loves Damon because he consumes her! UM HINT HINT ANYONE!?

Now, Elena as a vampire? That was definitely the shocker, twist, cliff-hanger, whatever you wanna call it. I did not see that coming. But apparently that was what happened in the books. Turns out when she was in the hospital, she didn’t really have a concussion, she had a brain hemmorhage so Dr. Meredith fed her human blood. IT’S HER FAULT. But, we also have to thank her, because if she didn’t feed her that blood, Elena would be dead. Vampire Elena is better than no Elena at all. At the end of the finale, we see Elena dead and pale, and then suddenly wake up. Did this scene remind anyone else at all of the ending of Breaking Dawn? Haha, just a thought. I personally can’t wait to see how Elena will be as a vampire, it’ll definitely be interesting and the show will have a great turn. However, I will also miss the human Elena because that’s what Stefan and Damon loved so much about her, that she was still a human and had true feelings…now she’ll just be like another Katherine, with a different personality, of course.

Speaking of Katherine, I also can’t wait for her to see that Elena’s a vampire now. I bet she’ll be even more jealous now! Also, this is all Rebekah’s fault!! Why did she have to stand in the way of her and Matt. Actually, no wait this is stupid Matt and Jeremy’s fault for even thinking they could “save” Elena when they are puny humans and she has her own set of vampires who are both incredibly in love with her and would give up their lives to save hers! SO WHY THE HECK WOULD THEY COME IN BETWEEN THAT?!

Now, what happened to Klaus, you may ask? Well he died, sort of. His deaths are complicated. In the last episode, he was dessicated by Stefan. Then in this episode, first he was staked by Alaric in front of Damon and Rebekah. Rebekah was definitely sad and cried, but then had to flee before Alaric staked her too. I was so sad when I saw Klaus burning, it was heart shattering. I knew I had to say goodbye to his character for real now. BUT THEN ANOTHER TWIST HAPPENED.

He’s not really DEAD!! Because when Damon left Bonnie in the storage room alone with his body, she decided to be bad-ass and do a different witch-y spell and make it so that Klaus’ body would transfer over to Tyler’s body so that she wouldn’t risk the Salvatores and of course her mother. Smart smart Bonnie!

But this leaves us with the question of, is Tyler really dead now that Klaus has taken over his body? Because if he is, then that totally sucks for Caroline, their romance was so incredible! Plus, he was the only werewolf on the show!!

Also, is Matt dead or alive? We know when him and Elena were drowning when Elena signaled to Stefan to save Matt instead of her, but we never got to see him after that.

Another dead person is Alaric, because now that Elena is no longer a human and technically died, so did Alaric. So we can say goodbye to Matt Davis’ character. Well-played Mr. Davis, you were truly a great addition to the show. I had already mourned Alaric’s death before so I wasn’t as upset when he really died this episode. Also, when the “ghost” Alaric came in front of Jeremy and said his goodbye and that he will always watch over him, heart-shattering

The part that really broke my heart (other than Elena telling Damon she chooses Stefan) was when Damon was fighting off Alaric and then Alaric started dying in front of him. Damon realized that because Alaric died that Elena must have died too. This is why I’m team Delena, because the love he has for is so great even after she told him she chose Stefan.

BUT OMG OVERALL THIS SEASON FINALE WAS SO EPIC! Julie Plec is an incredible writer. The end was such a twist and cliffhanger, and the deaths definitely broke my heart, as well as Elena’s choice. I can’t believe I have to wait 4 months until the next season.

What did you think of the season finale? Do you think Elena made the right choice by picking Stefan? What do you think will happen next season with Elena now as a vampire? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!