Vampire Diaries Recap: Episode “Before Sunset”

Before I begin my recap of tonight’s episode (May 3), can I just say: HOW FRIGGEN AWESOME WAS THAT EPISODE? I mean, Vampire Diaries just keeps getting better and better and if you aren’t watching this show or aren’t a fan of it, then you’re crazyyyy!! Also, VERY GOOD NEWS. Vampire Diaries was just picked up by CW! Which basically means there will be a Season 4, YAY! 😀 I’m so excited, but I’m not surprised, who wouldn’t pick up the best show ever?

Okay now on to tonight’s episode!

The episode begins with Alaric, now as the “Vampire Hunter,” remember guys he is not the Alaric we used to know. That Alaric is dead and gone. This is bad boy Alaric, his only purpose in life now is to destroy all vampires and his weapon is the special stake Esther made for him. After turning into a vampire, in the beginning of the episode he is in his old classroom. *sad emotions* Unfortunately, so are Caroline and Rebekah, cleaning up things from the ball that was held last night. Caroline and Rebekah are actually two of my favorite female characters on the show so it was great to see them bond a bit and fight off evil Alaric together, oh yeah – two bad-ass blondes unite!

Although Rebekah and Caroline are two vampires and try to fight off Alaric, Alaric is stronger than ever. As they escape to head to the car into the daylight, Alaric comes after them and captures Caroline while Rebekah escapes. She does however watch him from a distance and realizes that he is burning because of the daylight. Oh that’s right, he no longer has his special ring! Which basically means he is stuck in the school until it’s dark.

Bonnie is brought home by Damon, all bloody and confused. At this same time Alaric has Caroline captured and makes a phone call to Elena asking her to come, alone, without telling anyone or else he will kill Caroline. She does, obviously. I mean, when has she ever given up a chance to save someone and walk to her death?

Klaus has decided that he will leave tonight, but he needs Elena first. Rebekah tells him about Alaric, but he could really care less, all he cares about is leaving town with Elena. Rebekah tells him that they can move on together, but he refuses and Rebekah walks out of there angry. Klaus then heads over to the Gilbert’s house and demands to have Elena. Is he dumb? I mean, do you really think you’re going to get Elena when Damon and Stefan are around? Haha. Because he isn’t invited in, he tries to break their house and throw things at the window and then try to burn it down. That scene was really funny because Damon was ducking down and throwing things back, and then this funky song started playing and it was all very hilarious. However, Stefan suddenly realizes that Elena’s car isn’t there and she’s gone! Oh no!

Stefan steps out and tells Klaus she isn’t there. They find out where she is, so they all come up with a plan to get both Caroline and Elena out. Damon mentions Caroline to Klaus because he thinks that will convince him to help them. I thought this part was really great, because everyone knows Klaus has a thing for Caroline.

Klaus, the Salvatores, Bonnie, and Jeremy decide to work together and come up with a brilliant plan! Anyone else loved how the Salvatore brothers and Klaus were working together? I personally thought it was amazing! They figure out that the way to kill Alaric is to use a dessication spell like Esther used on Mikael, however she will need her own mother’s help (Abby). After Abby arrives and Bonnie tells her the plan, she says that the spell is too dangerous and it will require that a human heart be also stopped at the same time the vampire is being dessicated. Oh no! You know what that means, right? I mean, which other human do they have? Jeremy, duh.

All of them head to the school, and while they are there Alaric is torturing Caroline (two pencils pierced through her hands, and vervain around her mouth, ouch!) and trying to convince Elena to kill her. He gives the steak to Elena to kill Caroline, and of course Elena being the bad-ass she is tries to stab it into Alaric, but miserably fails. She does however injure him a bit and sets Caroline free. Caroline manages to run away, however Elena is still there and grabbed by Alaric. And here ladies and gentlemen is where one of my favorite scenes occur. While Caroline is trying to escape, Klaus grabs her, looks her in the eye and tells her to get out of there fast. The way they connect and look into each other’s eyes was just a beautiful moment. I was like this:

After all that awesomeness happens, Alaric has Elena by the throat up the wall and is about to kill her. But she ain’t afraid, oh noo. She asks him to kill her, gladly. But he is hesitant. That’s when the heroes come in! Klaus, Stefan and Damon walk in and attack Alaric. However, Alaric attacks back and cracks a few bones of Stefan and Damon which leave them unconscious on the floor. That’s when Klaus steps in, Alaric attacks him as well and is about to stab him with the dagger when Elena says “NO! STOP!” She threatens that she has figured it all out and she will kill herself if he kills Klaus. She found out that Esther tied their lives together so that he would have just one human life span in which to kill all vampires. If she dies, then Ric will die too. That’s not a very good idea that she said that because when she says it, Alaric lets go of Klaus, and Klaus quickly grabs Elena and runs off with her. No, he didn’t rescue her but instead has taken her to take all her blood and kill her. Why? Because well if he kills her then Alaric will die too.

As she is tied to the chair and he tries to suck the life out of Elena, he says that he is actually doing her a favor because he knows that she has to choose between the Salvatores and if she dies then she won’t have to choose. Win/Win right? It looks like Klaus wants to know who she would choose to so he asks her “Girl To Girl” ummm, anyone else thought that was a little weird? I really thought she would give an answer but instead she says “Rot in hell.” Ooh, nice one!

While she’s on the chair, Tyler shows up! Yay for Tyler. 😀 He quietly sneaks in and is untying Elena when suddenly Klaus is behind him. He figures out that Tyler has broken the sire bond and he’s no longer his “bitch.” Sassy Tyler, awe yeah!

Right after that, the Salvatores walk in and with the help of Tyler, pierce Klaus’ chest. Stefan is the one that has his hand on Klaus’ heart and is dessicating him. On the other side, Bonnie is with Jeremy doing all her witchy stuff. This is when I realized that Klaus is actually dying. And here is where something very important happened. Klaus and Stefan exchanged a kind of look. Almost a look where Stefan didn’t want this to happen. If you watch TVD then you know that Stefan and Klaus have a long history and once upon a time they were friends, so obviously it must have been hard for him to have to kill an old-friend-now-turned-enemy. My emotions when Klaus was dying was just oh my god, I couldn’t take it. And when he finally die, and on the other side Jeremy wasn’t waking up, my emotions were ALL OVER THE PLACE. Me:

The reason I was like this was because I thought Klaus AND Jeremy had died. However I soon realized that no, Klaus is not in fact dead. The reason I bolded that is because a lot of people are still confused about it and everyone is making “RIP KLAUS” images. He is dessicated people, like Mikael was! So of course he will be back. Julie Plec can’t just give us that Klaroline scene and then kill him off, psht. As for Jeremy, he wakes up after, ya’know, Bonnie hits him on the chest a little. Must’ve hurt. Yay for Bonnie and Jeremy!

Success! Damon and Stefan drop Elena home and while on the doorstep, Elena tells them both she is sorry for stringing them along but the reason she is doing it is because she knows that if she chooses one of them, she’ll lose the other and she has already lost so many people. Um, okay, but she does know she’ll have to right? It’s not fair for them. Also, how in the world is she even able to stand up straight after she was just drained of half her blood, had her temple smash against the floor and cut her throat?

As Elena walks in her house, she is surprised by her friends Caroline, Bonnie, Tyler, Jeremy and Matt. They are there to celebrate their victory over Klaus. It was Caroline’s idea, but um hello why are you celebrating? YOU WERE KLAUS’ SOULMATE!!

What happened to Alaric you say? Well he’s decided to call an emergency council meeting and reveal the fact that Sheriff Forbes and Carol Lockwood both have supernatural children. I didn’t know Alaric was Gossip Girl? Sheesh, what a snitch.

As Damon and Stefan drive off they have a brotherly moment and decide on something. Damon says how their bond has really strengthened and they just defeated someone they’ve been trying to defeat for a while now (Klaus). They rejoice in victory but then have to face the reality. They know that things will definitely change when Elena finally chooses and they agree that whoever she chooses, the other has to leave town and leave them to be happy. Awe 🙁 Damon says that they’re doing this all for one girl and Stefan says she’s a “pretty special girl,” Damon agree. But I’m really sad one of them will leave!!!

However, at the end of the episode, something very unexpected happens! As Jeremy leaves the room after having a talk with Elena, she is painting the wall when she she suddenly collapses. Oh no! What was the cause? We have no idea but that’s when it ends. What a cliff-hanger! That’s when the promo appeared for next week’s season finale and I just went ballistic. I AM SO EXCITED AND CANNOT WAIT. I just realized how long this post is, sorry guys! But I love you if you read all that <3

Did you watch the episode, what were your thoughts!? And how are excited are you for next week’s season finale?