Valiant Watches Partners With Tyson Ritter And Don’t Hate On Haiti

Tyson Ritter, lead singer of The All American Rejects partners with Valiant Watches to launch Valiant’s featured BE.REAL Watch. “I’m so fortunate to have Valiant Watches partner with me to keep up awareness for those doing without in Haiti,” said Ritter. The campaign is launched in support of Ritter’s charity Don’t Hate on Haiti. Valiant Watches are available in 15 differnt colors so you can find the perfect watch to fit your personality and wardrobe! The BE.REAL watch features Haiti’s national colors of blue, red and black with a white band.

In addition to supporting DHOH, Valiant customers who purchase the featured watch or use the promo code will be entered for a chance to win a guitar signed by The All-American Rejects. “Valiant is honored to be partnering with Tyson Ritter to benefit Don’t Hate on Haiti,” said co-founder Tracy Franco. “Our hope is to give support to those who need it most.”

Visit Valiant Watches to purchase the BE.REAL watch, make sure to enter code DHOH at checkout to support Don’t Hate on Haiti and enter to win the signed guitar. Make sure to visit Don’t Hate On Haiti for more info.