What To Wear: Sasquatch Music Festival

Let me be completely honest with you, because we’re friends and all. I am going to tell you what to wear to Sasquatch, but that doesn’t mean I have ever been to Sasquatch or have any idea what I am talking about. I have been to the state of Washington (twice) so I have that under my belt, and I did check the weather report, so I did do SOME research. These items paired with the free association I did while looking at the line-up led me to the conclusion that Sasquatch is all about maxi dresses, cardigans, and boots (preferably combat boots, it is close to Seattle after all).

So if you’re heading up to The Gorge this weekend to catch bands like Bon Iver, Jack White, and .fun, here’s what you should wear, according to me, someone who really isn’t qualified to tell you.

Click through the gallery and let me know what you think, and what you’re ACTUALLY wearing to Sasquatch.