British Emporium Visit!

As little as you guys know, one important thing to know is that I just moved to Fort Worth,Texas last Wednesday. It’s almost my first week here at my new, lovely house and it has been a blessing to be here.

As a little treat, (and to rid of my cabin fever… bleh!) my father and I went to the British Emporium in Grapevine, TX. The British Emporium was possibly one of the cutest places I’ve ever been. It’s definitely in the top three!

I absolutely loved it there. Everything was perfect but it was also overwhelming.

There were:

tea kettles, tea mugs, tea towels, saucers, placemats, Union Jack napkins, and tons of varieties of different brands of tea, English biscuites (cookies), chocolate candies and bars, Haribo gummies, Walker’s Potato Chips (which look EXACTLY like Lays Chips, just European), English meats, beans, porridges, cheeses, and a whole fridge full of English beverages.

Pillows, blankets, Union Jack flags, Keep Calm and Carry On mugs and posters, Double Decker Bus and London Telephone Booth change dispensers, a whole Queen Elizbeth section, postcards, books which included British dictionaries and children’s books, t-shirts, gift bags, and a bunch of Beatles accessories.

BUT, the most exciting part were all the British employees! One nice lady from England came up too me and complimented my Union Jack shoes by saying “I love your slippers.” It was awesome! While speaking to her, I even started to talk in a British accent myself… it came natural so I kind of went along with it.

Guess I know where I’ll be blowing all my money and spending my Christmas… 🙂

Check out some picture of the British Emporium! What do you think?