How To Dress In All Black And Still Make It Through The Summer

It’s not easy being gothy. As someone who wears 90% black clothing, I dread the arrival of warm summer days. It’s not that I don’t like the sun or swimming or bbqs or happiness, it’s just that I don’t like the outfits that accompany it. I like to layer and wear coats and leather and jeans. Not floral dresses or pastels or EW SANDALS (I have an irrational fear of toes showing in public it’s something I need to work through). But don’t worry, fellow darkly clad friends, I have a solution of you! You don’t have to swelter in the summer heat in your black skinny jeans and sweaters of sadness any longer. Here are a bunch of stylish (and breezy) black clothes for your summer wardrobe.

Click through the gallery for my summer goth picks. Which pieces will you be snapping up?


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