10 Flats To Flitter and Frolic In This Summer

We’re friends right? So I can be honest with you? I kinda dislike Summer. Not the awesome parts, like swimming and BBQs and watermelon and USA summer shows, but mostly the fashion. I wear all black and I like to layer, and that’s pretty hard in the sweltering heat. Even worse: I hate sandals. I just don’t like them. I don’t want my toes out in the world, okay? It’s a personal choice. So in the spirit of solving my own problems, I’ve created a shopping guide of flats that are nimble and bright enough for summer, while still maintaining the modesty of the foot.

So if you have my same crazy, or if you just want an alternative to strappy sandals this Summer, click through the gallery and check out my picks. And be sure to let me know which tickles your tootsies in the comments.