Three For Free: How To Dress Well, Mewithoutyou and Jamestown Story Give Away Their Music

Yesterday, it was Eurovision which can mean only one thing – Europe was treated to a night of gloriously cheesey and cringeworthy musical performances. However if that’s not your ‘scene’ (or if you’re simply not European), here’s three free tunes from across the atlantic. Enjoy this week’s Three For Free.

How To Dress Well

A free download from “How To Dress Well” may sound like a fashion e-book giveaway but the odd title is actually the moniker of musician Tom Krell. As a teaser for his upcoming sophomore follow-up to “Love Remains”, the Chicago based musician is whetting his fans’ appetities with the free release of “Ocean Floor For Everything”.

Official links: Website, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK


If you didn’t pick up Mewithoutyou‘s album when it dropped earlier in the month (May 15th), you can still sample a snippet as the band are very kindly lifting a track from their latest release “Ten Stories” for free via Soundcloud. Album opener “February, 1978” is available to download at the links below – if you like what you hear, don’t forget to pick up the album too.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Jamestown Story

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Here’s something which is perhaps a little more familiar – Usher’s “Scream” but not as you know it. Acoustic pop duo Jamestown Story took on the R&B song in their own style and you can also download their cover for free. The catch? You need to ‘pay’ them with a tweet.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Which musical freebie is your favourite?