The ‘JoeyBra’

Have you ever gone out and didn’t want to carry a purse with you so you just tucked your phone or keys into your bra?

Well, two college students by the name of Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow sure thought they could turn this into a product.

According to their YouTube video, the “Joeybra” is designed in way where you can put or hide your valuables when you go out. Things like your keys, credit cards, phone or just anything you can fit in there. It is made so that it won’t show through what you are wearing.

So far, this bra is getting a lot of attention and is definitely selling. When I saw this, I thought it was pretty damn cool! I would definitely buy this in a second. I hate carrying a purse or clutch when I go out, so this would be amazing.

What do you think of the JoeyBra – cool idea or too weird? Would you purchase one?