TGIF – The Essential Playlist About The Weekend

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking forward to the weekend….since Monday. To celebrate the arrival of Friday (and the 3-day weekend for the UK), here’s a playlist of the best songs which reference the lazy days which only come once a week.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry‘s “Last Friday Night” will always turn your weekday frown upside down so stick this on, ironically rock out to Hanson and Kenny G and set your weekend off to a good start.

Rebecca Black

Did you honestly think that Rebecca Black‘s only appearance in this Friday-playlist would be her cameo in KP’s video? If so, think again. If you disapprove of this, you’re clearly the bitter friend to the left…(or maybe someone with an ounce of musical taste but no sense of FUN. FUN. FUN.)

The Cure

As of today, it’s now perfectly acceptable to playlist Rebecca Black alongside The Cure. If Tuesday and Wednesday broke your heart then this is the song for you. It’s also the song which lyrics are (arguably sacrilegiously) used in opening of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video.


Kids In Glass Houses

Has it been a bitch of a week? Have no fear because Kids In Glass Houses are here complete with their retro-costumes (Those who like Brit bands paying homage to the 80s should check out Deaf Havana‘s new video). Now put your feet up and relax.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy‘s encore essential should also make your weekend essentials playlist. Listen to it in the wake of Saturday and remember when these open doors were open ended. Or just listen to it because it’s a damn good song.

Biffy Clyro

Despite little lyrical reference to the weekend, this Biffy Clyro track is titled “Saturday Superhouse”. If you were expecting a song about the aftermath of Friday night, this probably won’t relate to you unless you can see “a dozen corpses on the left side” and “swear ones smiling” at you.


All Time Low

If you’re feeling angsty and love sick this Sunday then your go-to track will, of course, be Juliet Simms and All Time Low‘s duet. There’s a reason why ‘hustlers’ listen to “Remembering Sunday” at the end of the every week – listen to find out why.

Jimmy Eat World

Just to add some more melancholy to your weekend, here’s Jimmy Eat World‘s “A Sunday” which is about (wait for it……….) a sunday. Whatever it is that it’s on your mind this weekend, Jimmy Eat World have some advice – think it through.


If you’d rather forgot about all your troubles than think them through then listen to Sia‘s wise words “Do nothing today, Give yourself a break, Let your imagination run away” because it will be ok…even if Monday follows.

What weekend songs did I miss and which are your favourites?