Simplicity And Appreciation

Do you ever think back to when you were younger, let’s say, junior high early highschool…

when… Texting wasn’t that cool yet, AIM was where it was at. When you worried about what my bio, icon, and away message was. When your ringtone was the Outkast album. When you wore tons of abercrombie and puca shells. Jean skirts, lace camis, and ripped bell bottoms were in style. When you worried about what mom made for an after school snack before dance or what combo i would do in jazz that night. And when you worried if your lab partener did the homework, because you sure as hell didn’t, and if the AOL dial up was working that night so I could go update my myspace icons and my Top 8.

Now a days its…

Sending 200 texts a day, no phone calls. Contstantly updating Twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr etc. My ringtones are still incredible, now currently “Call me Maybe” Wait… bell bottoms are popular again? ehh shit. Jeggings, just tons of lace, and ripped shirts.. TONS of ripped shirts. My worries are HUGE. What am I going to eat this week? today? tomorrow? this morning? When is the next time I’m going to take dance class that I have to pay for everytime? Homework is now once a year that you can’t cheat on…TAXES.

Now if it takes more that 5 seconds for a youtube video to load I curse at my computer and say my life sucks til my super powered wifi that I pay an arm and a leg for monthly works again. I was inspired to write this entry because i finally got my computer back after almost over a month of not having one. I had a nightmare one night and spilled a huge glass of water on my open turned on keyboard and it sat like that for the duration of my sleep lol. so as you could guess, it didn’t work anymore.

i wasn’t really in any rush to get a new one tho, my roommate would let me borrow hers. It was nice at night instead of sitting online and looking at fashion tumblrs or creeping on people online (don’t judge we ALL are guilty of it) I would read a book, or a magazine, or call a friend til I wanted to sleep. It was really hard to blog or do things for BUZZNET not having this needed tool of 2012 but I managed. It makes me now REALLY appreciate this steel block loaded with my memories from all my life journies that keeps me in the loop with the world.

Basically what I am trying to say is, take care of your things. Appreciate what belongings you have obtained yourself, or even received as gifts. They are yours, and not many people can have what you do. And also to not get so caught up in these objects. I cry over lost items of clothing and get bummed out about when I lose sunglasses. Its so pety and rediculous. That when I think about it, when I let it ruin a couple hours out of my day or voice it to someone I am embarrassed!

Take care of everything you own, be respectful of others things as well! If you borrow something return it! (THIS IS FOR ALL MY GIRLFRIENDS WHO HAVE THINGS OF MINE! I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS! GIVE ME BACK MY SHIT LOL) seriously…anyways. I thank you for having a computer, phone, ipad whatever you have to read this and follow my stuff. I will now get back to continuous blogging, picture taking, and ranting on random subjects…

I’m back.