Artists That Saved My Life: Sigur Ros

I had an amazing best friend when I was a teenager. He was the only one I knew who was interested in spiritual stuff so we’d read all these metaphysical books and spend long nights awake discussing things. He always made me eggs for breakfast and to this day, they’re the best eggs I’ve ever had<3

We were both musicians so we’d listen to music all the time but when he first introduced me to Sigur Ros, I couldn’t believe my ears. This Icelandic (something in the water there!) bands music is so magical it’s hard to hold back tears listening to it. In fact, I’m sitting here with Vespertine right now and we’re watching all these Sigur Ros videos and crying. I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl too about 2 years ago and when the whole crowd was on their feet, dancing to the last song, I was frozen in my chair – so touched I couldn’t move.

After the show I went and gathered confetti into a small box that I have to this day and when my ex-boyfriend in Estonia went to see them and caught a drum stick that was thrown in the audience, he called me up and told me he has it and he feels like he should give it to me<3

I love love love Sigur Ros.

Check them out and sound off in the comments. Aren’t they incredible?

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